Tarping and Shrink Wrap Services

Tarping Services

A lot of people in this situation simply use a blue tarp to cover their roof, but you have other options.
If you are looking for temporary roofing ideas , you must have heard of roof tarps  and roof shrink wraps.
Usually, making a choice between roof tarps vs. roof shrink wraps becomes challenging for many.

Among all the materials used for fixing roof issues, roof tarp is one of the most diverse and versatile products. Picking the right tarp for the project ensures that the roof will remain undamaged by wind, sun, or mold.

It is believed that all tarps don’t carry much weight and are relatively light. This is not always the case. Some tarps are designed specifically heavier than others.

Shrink Wrap Services

The prime benefit of roof shrink wrapping  is the tight seal. 

Other than damage prevention, shrink wraps  offer incredible extreme weather and water resistance. 

A shrink wrap is not only important to avoid roof damage, but also to stop damage to your home. Shrink wraps provide uniform coverage.

The seams are also heat-welded to make seal water-tight. 

Regardless of the source of  damage, State 2 State Restoration  wants to remind you to take caution when entering a property that has been damaged.

A call to a professional may be the first step to taken before even returning to the  building, depending on how extensive the damage is.

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