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Sewage Cleanup

Sewage backup cleanup is one of the most important home restoration services you will ever need.

If sewage it’s standing in your home or office, it’s dangerous.  Sewage back-ups contain harmful bacteria that can cause major health issues for anyone exposed to it.

If you’ve experienced a pipe burst or have standing waste water in your home or office, an immediate response is crucial.

Our sewage back-up technicians have years of experience and the proper equipment to fully extract any water and restore any damage that has been caused.

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Sewage backups happen for a number of reasons including toilet overflows and pipe bursts, and our sewage backup cleanup team can handle absolutely any sewage problem you may encounter.

Dangerous black water can flood your bathroom all too easily, and this water introduces harmful bacteria into your environment.

A washer burst will result in a gray water leak, and although gray water doesn’t contain human waste and is therefore less dangerous it still harbors disease carrying bacteria.

Even gray water removal should only be undertaken by our sewage backup cleanup professionals.

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    State 2 State Restoration will bring the latest drying technology to effectively remove all sewage water from the premises before moving on to our expert restoration and water repair.

    We advise that you call us for cleanup and restoration as soon as possible.

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