Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a dry out process take?

Depending on your damages it can take from 3 to 5 days.

Why are these machines necessary?

A Dehumidifier is to remove the Humidity from the affected area, A Fan/Inject is to blow dry air to dry any water or wet surfaces and wall cavities and An Air Scrubber is used to purify the air by sucking in any contaminated air or dust, mold, ash etc particles into the Scrubber and then releasing clean & purified air. Therefore when you use all 3 of these machines you create a Drying Chamber.

Are these Machines harmful for humans or pets?

No, they are actually beneficial for Humans & Pets since they dehumidify and purify the airAnd they are actually great for individuals that suffer from allergies or asthma

How long can a tarp last?

It depends on the weather and roof surface, remember the tarps are temporary solutions to prevent more damages until you receive your settlement or do out of pocket repairs.

How long can a shrink wrap last?

Again that depends on weather conditions and the particular roof , however shrink wrap lasts longer than the regular tarp. The application is also more complicated and is a more expensive service.

Will my Insurance cover water damage?

Depends on your Insurance coverage.You have to consult with your insurance agent or your Public adjuster.

How long does a Mold Remediation Job take?

Depending on the damages and the Mold Assessor's Mold Report, it can take from a week to 2 weeks.

Is mold remediation necessary?

Mold remediation is absolutely necessary when there is evident mold . Mold in a house can create health issues to the individuals leaving in that household. It can also spread in more areas than where it originally started if not taken care off professionally on time.

Who can help me with my claim process?

There are many Public Adjusters around that can help you with your claim process so you don’t have to worry if you will be treated fairly by your insurance company.

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